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Apocalyptic Movies Now Reality

March 13, 2011

It used to be if you wanted to see some dramatric, over-the-top otherworldly disaster, you’d have to rely on Hollywood.

The movies would try to outdo each other subjecting cities and people to fictional mega-disasters. The movies still do. But depressingly, it seems real life has gotten just as bad over the past ten years.

New Orleans drowned by Hurricane Katrina, 2005.

We’ve been subjected to the horrible spectacle of the World Trade Center attack, the first big tsunami disaster of 2004, Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and more.

Recently, the mega-disasters have been coming fast and furious: The floods in Austrailia, the earthquake in New Zealand, and now the tsunami in Japan.

The religious wackos say this is a sign of the end times. They seem to be joyous in the face of all this human death and misery. Frankly, I just want to smack these people. Gawd, using horrible things to smugly justify their own false religious beliefs, or worse, scam money from the gullible.

The tsunami was just two days ago, and already, almost everybody has seen this horrifying picture of the tsunami rolling into a Japanese town. We now have immediate access to disasters.

What’s really going on is everybody has a camera now. Think about it. If the Japanese earthquake and tsunami happened 30 years ago, of course it would be all over the news, and we would have surely seen televised images of the destruction.

Now, everybody instinctively thinks: Media. That’s why so many people in Japan got their cameras rolling as soon as the Tokyo skyscrapers started rocking back and forth like tall grass in a windstorm.

It’s why the television stations over there thought to hop into an airplane to take aerial shots of the tsunami rolling over Japanese humanity. And we get videos that both fascinate and horrify, like this one:

I’m not criticizing all this. Humans want to share. So if they have a greater ability to share their shock, fear, awe and catastrophe, they will.

Now, we have hundreds of you-are-there videos of the earthquake and tsunami at our fingertips. We can’t help watching them over and over again, and finding new videos that are constantly appearing on YouTube and more Internet sites than anyone can count.

We talk about them constantly. “Did you see the video taken inside the supermarket?” “Oh my God, that video shows the wave taking a whole village of houses away.”

When disaster strikes we are bombarded with images like this one of Japan more than ever before.

We are immeresd in big disasters like we’ve never been before. It makes it so we can’t help wondering if we are next in line to be obliterated in the Next Big Catastrophe.

No wonder a lot of us think Mother Nature is constantly trying to outdo herself to find creative ways to kill us all.

Japan’s Quake and Tsunami Vs. My Stupid Whining.

March 11, 2011

So far this week I’ve complained about:

–A big snowstorm that inconvenienced me.

–A sore shoulder that makes me want to keep taking aspiring.

—A leak in my roof at home

— Wet shoes and socks.

—Being tired.

Aerial photo shows a tsunami surging across Japan Thursday.

In others, I have nothing to whine about. I say this because of that horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which is so big, so bad, so…..I don’t have the words for it.

It makes you think things are so tenuous. For everybody living there, everything was probably going along fine, then this hit and turned their world upside down, or ended it altogether in an instant.

So, I, and everybody else here will go on and deal with the yucky weather, and whatever trivial things ail us, knowing full well we have the extreme luxury to whine about such things. I know I am extremely lucky to have just the “problems” I described above.

Another aerial view of the Japan tsunami.

Below are some jawdropping videos of the quake/tsunami. I apologize that some might begin with highly inappropriate for the situation advertisements for Frosted Mini Wheats.

Here’s a video of the tsunami hitting an airport.

Next, a news report summarizing the initial quake/tsunami/fires. The destruction looks like the end of the world to me.

This news video shows video of the earthquake as things were shaking. Those poor people look so terrified. I hope they’re OK

The tsunami crashing through a harbor town

A flooded city and a frightening, otherworldly whirlpool triggered by the quake/tsunami