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Truckload of Birds Released. Weird.

March 10, 2011

Found this odd video via Buzzfeed. A truckload of birds being offloaded. Fun to watch:

I can’t for the life of me find out why this truck is full of birds, why they were being released, where the release was and what kind of birds they were.

If anybody knows, let me know. I’m curious.

Wild Animals Caught On Candid Camera

March 4, 2011

Ever wonder what animals are up to in the woods when nobody’s around?

Well, maybe not, but the thought is still fascinating. Which is why I’m excited that the Smithsonian Institute has a great web page with a ton of photos from remote, motion-triggered cameras of a huge variety of wild animals.

A jaguar captured by a camera in the Smithsonian Institute's photo project

The site has at least 200,000 photos, so this is a guaranteed, fun time waster.

Apparently, the cameras were planted in wild areas all over the world. And photos are still coming in, which means there will be more.

I love how some of the animals seem awfully curious about the cameras.

Cats Channel Charlie Sheen, Hilariously

March 2, 2011

I’m already completely sick of our latest celebrity Train Wreck, Charlie Sheen.

Yeah, he mercifully distracted us, temporarily, from Lindsay Lohan, but that’s the only silver lining.

One of many hilarious images from a post on the Medium Large blog.

However, somebody found one way to allow us to stomach Sheen’s obnoxious quotes. Just pair them hilariously with some cat pictures, as Francesco Marciuliano has done in his Medium Large blog  (click on the hyperlink to see)

Marciulano is known for his work writing the comic strip “Sally Forth.” He is also a contributor to the satirical newspaper and Web site, The Onion.

Thanks, Mr. Marciulano, for at least briefly making Charlie Sheen tolerable.

Dog Frolic Friday

February 18, 2011

I often like to post fun animal videos, usually of dogs and usually as the weekend approaches, for some reason. It’s Friday, so here goes:

Today, I found this on the Daily Dish, a boxer dog vs. a toy Dalek, which is an extraterrestial creature from Dr. Who.

The dog wants to play!

Monkeying With the Reporter

February 3, 2011

In my day job I work as a journalist.

As such, I have to deal with people or situations that aren’t always comfortable. Some people don’t want me to write about them. Going to say, a big house fire on a frigid winter night is both bone chilling and smelly, from the smoke.

Sometimes, reporters have difficult days.

But, it’s part of the job and I don’t mind at all. I get to meet interesting people and see interesting things I would never get to do if I had a job as a tax accountant or something.

Also, some journalists have a rougher time than me. Anderson Cooper of CNN got beat up by pro-Mubarak mobs in Egypt. (He’s fine.)

Then we have the journalist in the very funny video below who would love to give a report if that animal on his head would please stop monkeying around:

The Squirrel Must Have Been Hungry

January 29, 2011

People with bird feeders know how annoying squirrels can be, eating all the food meant for the chickedees and other feathered friends.

The squirrels always seem to find a way to the bird feeder, too, no matter how difficult you make it for them.

So, somebody decided to at least make the situation fun, by setting up a few obstacles for the squirrel to figure out before getting to the exalted food.

Did the squirrel succeed? Watch the video and find out for yourself. (and the video has a bonus section at the end on an encounter with a vending machine)

Power to the Beagles!

January 28, 2011

Tear-jerk warning: I stumbled on this story a couple of weeks ago, and was reluctant to post, because it’s sad, and involves abused dogs. But I’m posting it anyway, because it largely has a happy ending. Especially for the beagles in the the accompanying video.

Groups to rescue beagles are proliferating. The breed is often used in product testing labs, and their existance in these labs is grim at best.

It turns out beagles are often used in drug and product testing laboratories because they are docile and forgiving.

Companies test the toxicity of products on the beagles. Activists are trying to encourage, and find new ways to test products that won’t put beagles and any other animals in harm’s way.

I mean, should a beagle suffer in the name of finding a fabulous new mascara shade?

In the laboratories, activists say the beagles spend their entire lives in cages, never being able to roam and play like all dogs should.

That’s the tragic part of this story.

There is a California group that rescues these dogs, nurses them back to health and gets friendly, loving people and families to adopt the beagles.

The new group, founded a month or two ago, called the Beagle Freedom Project, is behind the rescues.

They put out a video which shows two of the rescued beagles, named Freedom and Bigsley. The two dogs are initially afraid to even see the sun, but with some coaxing from the very nice couple in the video, the beagles discover their inner dog. Gradually, the tails start wagging, and eventually, they discover the joy of play.

The video is a tear jerker, so again, you’ve been forwarned. Meet beagles Freedom and Bigsley:

The video shows Freedom and Bigsley before they were adopted. They apparently  have since been adopted. They’re doing well, though Bigsley is still afraid of loud or unfamiliar noises.

The lab also cut the vocal cords of Freedom and Bigsley, so they can’t bark.(Apparently, lab workers, poor babies,  couldn’t be bothered by the dogs barking)

Freedom and Bigsley’s companions have rigged bells on the doors that the two have learned to ring when they want to go outside.

Apparently, there are a large number of beagle rescue organizations Beagles aren’t for everybody. (they need to be around people a lot and tend to wander off). There are a zillion rescue organizations for other dog breeds, too, if you want a dog that better suits your personality.

Or, go to your local Humane Society to talk about adopting a nice companion.

Never Snack Near Monkeys

January 27, 2011

Found this funny little video on BoingBoing.

I guess in certain parts of the world, it’s a bad idea to munch on snacks on the streets. You might endure a monkey attack:

At least our victim took it with good humor. Probably helped he did it deliberately.


If Animals Could Talk….

January 18, 2011

Found this wild, hysterically funny video. It shows animals in their habitat, but it also lets us in on what they were really saying and thinking. Most enlightening:

Rats! Why I Don’t Trust Subway Rides

January 13, 2011

The following video is one reason I’m a little nervous in New York City subways.

Warning: If mice or rats give you the heebie-jeebies, DO NOT watch the video.

Everybody else: Bet you’ll scream!