Japan’s Quake and Tsunami Vs. My Stupid Whining.

So far this week I’ve complained about:

–A big snowstorm that inconvenienced me.

–A sore shoulder that makes me want to keep taking aspiring.

—A leak in my roof at home

— Wet shoes and socks.

—Being tired.

Aerial photo shows a tsunami surging across Japan Thursday.

In others, I have nothing to whine about. I say this because of that horrible earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which is so big, so bad, so…..I don’t have the words for it.

It makes you think things are so tenuous. For everybody living there, everything was probably going along fine, then this hit and turned their world upside down, or ended it altogether in an instant.

So, I, and everybody else here will go on and deal with the yucky weather, and whatever trivial things ail us, knowing full well we have the extreme luxury to whine about such things. I know I am extremely lucky to have just the “problems” I described above.

Another aerial view of the Japan tsunami.

Below are some jawdropping videos of the quake/tsunami. I apologize that some might begin with highly inappropriate for the situation advertisements for Frosted Mini Wheats.

Here’s a video of the tsunami hitting an airport.

Next, a news report summarizing the initial quake/tsunami/fires. The destruction looks like the end of the world to me.

This news video shows video of the earthquake as things were shaking. Those poor people look so terrified. I hope they’re OK

The tsunami crashing through a harbor town

A flooded city and a frightening, otherworldly whirlpool triggered by the quake/tsunami

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