Muslim Haters Defying Logic

If one apple is bad, the entire batch has to be thrown out, so goes the logic to today’s American politicians and activists.

Exhibit A is Muslims in the news this week. Timed around some hearings this week by Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., we have groups who think every single Muslim on the planet is a terrorist.

In a still from a video, a bunch of idiots (background) yell insults at Muslims attending a dinner last month in Orange County, California

Dude, if that were true, we’d have a terrorist attack in every town in the nation every day. Don’t wish for that. Things are bad enough in the world already.

King will hold Congressional hearings this week on whether Muslims in the United States are being radicalized. He’s come under criticism for focusing just on Muslims, rather than all terrorist groups. Others say it’s good he’s examining the issue. In any event, he’s a Congressman and he can hold his hearings like them or not.

The hearings might be helping to galvanize some pretty idiotic Americans, who insist that all Muslims are terrorists and need to be kicked out of the country.

To me, the logic is like this. In my vegetable garden in the summer, there are weeds. I must get rid of the weeds to make the plants I want thrive, and leave everything else to grow.  Makes sense.

To these anti-Muslim protestors, there are weeds in the garden, so I must get rid of every plant in the garden, including the vegetables to have a successful garden.

Uh, no, I’d end up with a bare patch of mud.

Which seems to be what some protestors want in this country. True, a tiny proportion of American Muslims are terrorists or terrorists sympathizers, and we need to hammer away at that group until they’re gone for good. Terrorists deserve their own special, harsh hell.

But so do the most extreme Muslim haters.

Below is a vile video from last month in Orange County, California. It shows members  of a American-Muslim relief agency were holding a dinner.

The Muslims in the video are just minding their own business. But the crowd gets ugly. The protestors think somehow they’re protecting America, but they are the most un-American group I’ve seen. I wonder if we should somehow banish them instead. Watch:

The idiots in the protest, as you saw in the video, were yelling at the Muslims to go home. The Muslims live in California for the most part, so that wouldn’t exactly achieve the morons’ goal of ridding the United States of Muslims. But reality is a foreign concept to these morons.

Oops, can’t say the word “foreign” in front of that group, right?

And notice the city councilor saying her son is a Marine and wishes he would mow down some Muslims with his weaponry, just for fun.

Um, since when are death threats legal? I guess they are if you are a city councilor in some no name city.

Frankly, I almost think the likes of these people, and all those anti-Muslim extremists, are somehow in cahoots with the terrorists. What better way to recruit terrorists than to spout over the top, angry, nonsensical, inflammatory nonsense against Muslims?

Or maybe it’s just easier for them. It’s hard work picking out the handful of terrorists from the millions of peaceful, normal Muslims in this country. God forbid we do any hard work. Or thinking.

Because an empty garden devoid of anything good is just simpler to deal with, isn’t it?

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