An Antidote to Westboro

You might have seen on the news last week that the disgusting Westboro Baptist Church won a Supreme Court victory.

Westboro is that small collection of uber-morons who go to funerals and other solemn events. They hold signs that say “God Hates Fags” and things like that and yell equally demonic, stupid things.

Patriot Guard Riders at a funeral. The group, consisting largely of veterans, drowns out the hating and hated Westboro Baptist Church at funerals and other solemn events.

The Supreme Court said the First Amendment gives them the right to do that.

A lot of people disagree with that court decision. I don’t. It was the right decision.

True, I detest Westboro, and I feel terrible  for the people victimized by those horrific “people” from Westboro. (I’m not sure they’re human)

But if some government agency starts telling us what we can and cannot say , where does it end? I would be thrilled if Westboro would shut up and go away to their own special hell, now if not sooner.

My larger point is all of our Constitutional rights have two side. Yes, we have these rights. The right to free speech. To worship as we choose. To own a gun.

Too many people forget the second half of these rights is responsibility. Responsibility is at least as important as rights.

Yeah, I know I sound like I’m telling you to eat your vegetables and wear your earmuffs. But sometimes you just gotta. If I sound like your mother, sue me.

We have the responsibility to drown out outfits like the Westboro jerks with our own voices. We have the responsibility to worship without knocking down some other religion that is not causing problems, but not our own theology. We have the responsibility to use our guns safely, and make sure nutcases who are going to open fire on crowd don’t have access to them.

In that spirit, I was happy to see a video of a group taking responsibility to counteract the Westboro Moron Club.

With permission from the families, the group called the Patriot Guard Riders show up at funerals where Westboro is picketing. They drown out the pinheads with motorcycles, music and prayer.

The Patriot Guard Riders is largely composed of veterans. They’ve been doing this good work for years.  The Riders do this voluntarily. Members say they figure they have the responsibility to help in these situations.


Another group, by the way, sometimes dresses as angels, and they use their big white angel wings to block the view of the Westboro jerks’ signs, as Romaine Patterson recently wrote in the Washington Post.

Watch the video (tip of the hat to Melinda Moulton via Facebook for reminding me of this group) to see the Patriot Guard Riders show how it ought to be done:



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