Gaga Not Gaga Over Gaga Milk.

In my never ending quest in search of the strangest pop culture news, I learn from CNN this morning that Lady Gaga is threatening to sue the London makers of Baby Gaga ice cream, which supposedly is made from breast milk.

A woman pretending to be Lady Gaga promotes Baby Gaga breast milk ice cream.

Lady Gaga says the name of the ice cream, and the fact that a waitress dressed like Lady Gaga served it, would mislead people into thinking the pop star endorses the product.

She doesn’t endorse it of course. Lady Gaga can be outlandish but even she has her limits.

Lady Gaga didn’t get into the ice cream’s ick factor like I immediately did. But she did say she worries the product is unsafe, it can spread hepatitis, and cause other problems. She doesn’t want to be associated with that.  If they change the name of the ice cream to something that doesn’t remind people of Lady Gaga, the singer said she’d be OK with it.

The ice cream maker, Matt O’Connor, says Lady Gaga’s allegation are “preposterous and outrageous.”

The real Lady Gaga, here promoting her hit song "Born This Way"

Well, there certainly are a lot of preposterous and outrageous things here. Breast milk? Why? The ice cream is a publicity stunt. In that regard, O’Connor is taking a page from Lady Gaga’s playbook. Gaga does do outrageous things to promote herself, which is fine. I guess O’Connor wants to join the “Out There” club.

Normally, celebrities who sue the makers of products that vaguely tie them to the produce annoy me. But here, I think Gaga has a point.   O’Connor is clearly riding on Lady Gaga’s coattails.

It’s not working for me. I am a big fan of Lady Gaga a lot, but I’m not going to touch that ice cream, whether Lady Gaga is involved or not. I also don’t want to think about breast milk and Lady Gaga while eating ice cream.

I’ll just stick to Ben and Jerry’s, thanks.

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