Ambulance Safety Dope Slap

One of my pet peeves out on the roads are people who refuse to get out of the way of ambulances, police and fire trucks that are coming along behind them.

Get out of the @%&* way when you hear a siren or see an ambulance behind you, for crissakes!

The emergency vehicles’ sirens are blaring away, but a few people on the road are too stupid, too clueless, or too selfish to just briefly pull over to the right to let them by.

In some people’s minds, apparently, either the latest Britney Spears song they are listening to, the cell phone conversation about their girlfriends, or the fact that they are on the way to the ball game or mall and Can’t. Be. Interrupted. is MUCH more important than the ambulance driver or firefighter trying to save a life by quickly getting to an emergency

Which makes me love this public service announcement from of all people, the Tuscaloosa Alabama Fire and Rescue Service.

They do really a good job of getting their point across. The southern accents make it all that much better, and I love the clueless driver.  Watch, laugh and learn, ya hear?

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