DUI Stop? Smoke Pot, Dumb People In Car Decide

When a cop pulls you over, it’s best to be on your best behavior. Yes, sir, no sir. And make SURE you don’t violated any other laws besides the one you might have violated to prompt the stop.

Don't light up during a DUI traffic stop, pot smokers learned in Vermont early Sunday morning.

Apparenly, not everybody understands this Captain Obvious advice. According to the Burlington (Vermont) Free Press, State Troopers stopped a car in the remote town of Berkshire, Vt. early Sunday morning and arrested the driver for drunken driving.

Meanwhile, two of the three passengers in the car decided the traffic stop would be a fine time to light up a joint. The cop was just 20 feet away from them when they did this. The cop returned to the car and arrested the high, and stupid pair.

Vermont State Police said one of the probably pot heads admitted to them it was probably a “dumb idea” to get baked at a DUI traffic stop.

Ya think?

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