The Vermont Snow Keeps Coming, Setting Records

It snowed again here in Vermont last night. Not much, just an inch or two. But it was enough to make this the snowiest February on record, at least in the Burlington, Vermont area.

I spotted this tree skier Saturday in Vermont's Underhill State Park. It is northwestern Vermont's snowiest February on record.

Burlington has had 42.6 inches of snow this month, barely beating out a record for the month set just three years ago.

As a weather geek, it’s always fun to set some sort or climatological record, but I’m chomping at the bit more than ever for the snow to go.

But instead, it keeps on snowing.  I have all these plans for landscaping on my property, plus I want to start getting my clients’ yards into shape at some point. The snow has got to melt by the first of April, and prospects of that seem to be dimming.

The sun’s a little stronger now as we’re heading into March, so that helps me grab glimmers of hope whereever I can get them. As I cleared the bit of new snow from my driveway this morning the sun felt warm and I could see it starting to melt the snow up against sunny corners.

We’re at a stage where the snow comes, a little melts, and little more comes. It’s a snowy standoff.

A tree skier enjoys lots of powder in Vermont's Underhill State Park as one of the snowiest winters on record continues

I can’t do anything about the snow. I could complain about it, or embrace it. I did think it was pretty out this morning with a few glittery snowflakes falling through the winter sun.

Yesterday, I went snowshoeing in Underhill State Park at the the base of Vermont’s Mount Mansfield. All this snow makes things look and feel incredibly clean and fresh and healthy. It was good for me to get that bracing air.

The woods was winter quiet, which I like, except for the bursts of excitement as tree skiers crashed through the woods, expertly zigzagging around all the brown tree trunks and leafless branches.

So that was nice. But I’m actually ready for Vermont’s ugly mud season with it’s slush, slop, dampness and gray.

It won’t be nearly as pretty as this weekend, but mud season will at least signal we will finally throw off the weight of the snow that has confined us since December.

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2 Responses to “The Vermont Snow Keeps Coming, Setting Records”

  1. gary rith Says:

    golly, wonder how we are doing for amounts? Ithaca has had nearly daily small amounts of snow since Dec 1 (unofficially, according to me) biggest storms not too bad at I think 10-12 inches each time….
    I have to admit that every small scrap of sun makes me so grateful and happy!

  2. gary rith Says:
    mmm, much colder and much snowier than usual, big surprise….what are we gonna have in March Matt?

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