Love Conquers All, Including Earthquakes

We always look for the bright spots in a tragedy, so here goes.

The death toll in that awful earthquake in New Zealand is over 100, but one couple got married after the bride had a close brush with death.

Bride-to-be Emma Howard was in this building in Christchurch, New Zealand when it collapsed around her during Tuesday's quake. She was rescued and her wedding went on as scheduled Friday.

According to the New Zealand Herald, bride Emma Howard was trapped for more than six hours after the Pyne Gould Building in Christchurch, where she was working, collapsed in the quake.

The groom, Chris Greenslade, waited outside the collapsed building on Tuesday for more than six agonizing hours while rescuers tried to retrieve Howard. The couple had managed to text each other, so Greenslade knew she was alive. But of course nobody knew if the frequent aftershocks would further shift the building and crush Howard.

But rescuers finally got to Howard and six coworkers

The earthquake was on Tuesday. They were scheduled to get married Friday, but assumed the wedding would be postponed because of the quake. Their family and friends had none of that. Love would defeat the quake, and the wedding went on, as the video shows:

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One Response to “Love Conquers All, Including Earthquakes”

  1. denis Says:

    I love a happy ending.

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