The (not a) Witch Keeps on Giving

Christine O’Donnell, that Tea Party candidate from Delaware who lost the election because She Is Not A Witch, keeps on giving.

Will Christine O'Donnell be on "Dancing With the Stars"? Stay tuned....

Her political career seems on the ropes, but now, thanks to reality television, she might be on Dancing with the Stars!

Read this, from Time magazine’s on line news feed: O’Donnell declared, “I just got the Official ‘Ask’ from Dancing with the Stars!!”

She also said:  “My initial thought was to decline, as 2 year old nephew has more rhythm than me, and my two left feet!!”

Her most memorable moment in her campaign last fall was to air an ad in which proclaimed, “I am not a witch.” She did so because she was reported to have dabbled in the occult years earlier

There’s been lots of suggestions on what she should dance to, including “Witchy Woman,” “Black Magic Woman,” and “She’s a Maniac”

It was revealed during O’Donnell’s campaign that she is really, really opposed to masturbation, so I guess she won’t dance to that ’90s nugget of a  song “I Touch Myself.”

Time reported that hundreds of her Facebook fans were quick to reply, mostly with encouraging comments. She updated the page later that day, noting that her “book comes first.”

So she’s undecided. But she’s writing a book, too? wow!

The next cast of “Dancing With the Stars” is due to be announced Monday.

I, for one, am sitting on pins and needles awaiting this news.

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