They STILL Can’t Drive in the Snow!

So far this winter in Vermont, we’ve had about eight feet of snow, including what fell in a standard issue, run of the mill Vermont storm of six to 12 inches of snow today.There were no crashes on this Burlington, Vermont street when I snapped this picture today, but I'm sure somebody eventually caused an accident on the slightly slushy road.

You’d think people would have learned to drive in the snow by now. But this was one of the worst storms this winter in terms of people crashing their cars and hitting each other.

Video below is a dash cam from my truck of Interstate 89 in South Burlington around noon today, slowed to a crawl by a minor collision in the snow.

I’ve railed at this state of affairs before. Now it’s time to get serious.

Vermont State Police routinely ticket people who cause these crashes for going too fast for the road conditions. But the most these people pay is maybe $200.

The ones that own those expensive SUVs that cause the crashes probably regard $200 as chump change, worth the cost of racing down the highway in a snowstorm.

After all, many of the people that cause these crashes are just narcisstic jerks subconsciously trying to get attention because they can’t get attention for their own accomplishments. Because they’re incapable of accomplishments.

So they gain attention to themselves by making people focus on them and ¬†grumble about how fast they’re going past them. And people rue the huge traffic jams they cause with their snowy weather crashes.

I have two possible remedies. One is sentence these jerks to 3o days in jail, to make them contemplate their stupidity, and maybe make them lose their jobs so they can’t afford their expensive SUVs.

The drawback to that approach is we, the taxpayers, must pay for their jail time.

The alternate proposal is to comfiscate these idiots’ vehicles, and if they are still intact, sell them to raise revenue. Or if they’ve totaled their SUVs, make them buy two new cars instead of one. Then they can eventually drive one of the new ones, and sell the other to the state to offset taxes. Or give the vehicles to a charity like Good News Garage, which provides vehicles to people who need them and don’t have them.

In any event, we do have to crack down on these reckless winter drivers. I know a few of them just make a momentary stupid mistake, But most of these crashers are habitual offenders.

It’s time we start treating them as such.

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One Response to “They STILL Can’t Drive in the Snow!”

  1. Connie G Says:

    Again, very well put.

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