Woman Wrecks Towing Co. Over Fee.

Ah the joys of being a reporter.

A local Fox news reporter in Michigan happened to be in a car towing shop/auto repair shop doing a story the other day, when in walked a woman to retrieve her car. She objected to the $225 towing fee. Big time.

The Grand Rapids Mich. Press ran this mug shot of Tiffany Nealous, accused of practically destroying an auto shop over a $225 tow fee.

The woman attacked the clerk, smashed all the windows and computers, terrified her own little kid and had the reporter cowering in a closet, calling 911 and hoping she’d survive.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video. If there weren’t so much damage and the kid weren’t so terrified, it would be funny.

I do think the woman overreacted just a teensy bit, don’t you?

She left the shop, but police later tracked down Tiffany Quana Nealous, 34, and charged her with felonious assault and other charges.

Not only did she not get her car back, do you know how expensive this will be for our friend Tiffany? (Such a fun name for such a violent woman)

I bet they’ll take her little kid away, and she’s going to face fines and maybe jail time. Over a $225 bill.

I’m just glad I don’t know her.  She seems to have much worse tantrums than her toddler.

If I owned that towing shop, I’d never give her car back, no matter how much she paid me. Her car was in an accident, which is why it was at the tow shop. I wonder if her rage somehow caused the accident in the first place?

On the bright side, the Fox reporter got one of the best stories of her life. Talk about Eyewitness News!

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