Super Dad Makes Huge Snow Fun Park

Up here in Vermont, there’s a winter storm warning because forecasters say we’re going to get six to ten inches of “heart attack snow” tomorrow.

The giant snowman slide in South Lake Tahoe

Heart attack snow, for the uninitiated, is a heavy wet snow that is perfect for making snowballs and snow sculptures, but will kill you when you try to shovel it, it’s so heavy.

But, on the bright side, I just found a very timely, great idea from South Lake Tahoe. Somebody took a huge amount of snow – I’m not sure if it’s heart attack snow – and made this super, complex and really fun looking snow sliding park.

It includes a giant snowman that you can sled in and out of.  Reports are a dad spent 80 hours (!!!!) shoveling to make the slide for his kids. I hereby nominated him, ah hell, I annoint him, dad of the year.

I really don’t want more snow to fall at my  St. Albans, Vermont house because I need it to melt so I can get some grandiose landscape projects going. But since I have no choice in the matter, I will take notes so maybe I could build a snowman slide as we all watch the video, below.

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