Celebrity Death Threats

I am strangely fascinated by people who issue death threats to strangers over minor and imaginary slight.

Geez, if they were serious they’d probably want to impose the death penalty on me for accidentally sneezing in the same room where they are.

Selena Gomez, pictured here with Justin Bieber, has been getting death threats because she has the gaul to be friends with Bieber.

I got thinking about this after some Justin Bieber fans issued a fatwa against Esparanza Spalding for having the temerity to win a best new artist at the Grammys instead of Bieber.

Bieber seemed to anticipate this and told his fans to be nice. “Bieber fans, don’t get too upset..Be happy,” he said.

However, one fan responded by writing on Spaldings Wikipedia site: “Justin Bieber deserved it. Go die in a hole. Who are you anyway?”

Of course, any thing can set off the murderous impulses of some of those teenage girls swooning over Bieber. Pictures surfaced of Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing, and there was hell to pay!

Comments directed toward Gomez included “I’ll kill you, I swear to God!” and “If you are the Girlfriend of Justin I will Kill you. I HATE YOU!”

I’m sure our little friend Justin will immediately dump Selena and go for these faux murderous teen girls, they are so impressive.

Of course those Bieber-related threats are coming from little 12-year-old drama queens who haven’t quite, um, matured mentally and think they have a shot of being Bieber’s one and only.

So how do you excuse older people that issue death threats over just about anything?

Politics is a minefield for those getting death threats. It doesn’t matter if you’re liberal or conservative. Sarah Palin gets tons of death threats. Glenn Beck says he gets them.  Meanwhile, a frequent target of one of Beck’s rants, CUNY Professor Frances Fox Piven, has been getting her share of death threats.

Glenn Beck keeps attacking Frances Fox Piven (in the image behind Beck), and both are getting death threats.

Nancy Pelosi says she gets them.  And don’t even get the Secret Service started on how many death threats president Obama gets

No matter what political move you make, you might be the target of some weird jihadist. A U.S. House member suggested cutting a $7 million Army sponsorship of a NASCAR racer and got a death threat.

I’m still awaiting my first death threat, because people who write opinions, benign or not, tend to get them.

I’m sure almost all people who issue death threats don’t mean to follow through with them. But I wish there was an easier way to expose their identities, instead of leaving their anonymity intact on the Internet.

Maybe then they’d be shamed into acting like normal human beings.

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