Soap Opera on the Newscast

This brief little clip of a nightly news show has been making the rounds big time on the Web. Seems the female anchor once had a bad experience with the male anchor. Now it’s payback time. Watch:

Oh, why or why can’t all newscasts be like that? Here in Vermont, you just get a little stiff  (hah!) banter about how cold it is outside. That gets old fast.

In the clip, I just love the look of death the guy gives the woman, and her smug look as she says “Thank you very much” and moves on to the next news item.

I suppose there’s a chance that whole thing was scripted, but somehow, I hope not.

Don’t you wish you were in the studio when the cameras were turned off? Don’t you wish you knew the whole back story between these two? I wonder if she will get in trouble? If so, will she think it’s worth it?

I know we will never find out what’s going on and to be honest, it’s none of our business. But still. Maybe somebody can fictionalize it and turn it into one of those nighttime soap operas, like “Desperate Housewives.”

I LOVE tawdry moments so this made my week.

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