I’m almost reluctant to post this video, as the guy probably had no idea he was being filmed. But I  can’t resist.

Somewhere, I guess in California, a guy at  a late night diner couldn’t figure out what was food and what wasn’t. So he ate his napkin.

By the look on his face, it appears the napkin was relatively tasty. Watch:

I hope I never do anything that dumb. Everything you do these days is on camera.

I have other questions: Do napkins cause intestinal distress? Are they in any way, shape or form nutritious? What seasoning makes them taste better? Are there any good napkin recipes on line?

Will napkins be an ingredient in the next episode of “Chopped,” the Food Network’s show where chefs have to make dinners with weird ingredients?

Will somebody eat a plastic spoon next? Or the plate?

Suddenly, I’m not hungry anymore.

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