Fascinating Contrast on Gay Rights

I saw two posts in the excellent JoeMyGod blog today that really were a study in contrasts.

JoeMyGod is a gay advocacy and news blog. He’s pretty thorough.

Anyway, one ridiculous post had a moron named Pastor Donald Spitz saying all gay parents should be put in jail for life. He says that if two parents of the same sex, or just one gay parent, is somehow the worst kind of child abuse.

"Pastor" David Spitz has some, um, interesting views on gay parents

I guess he uses the word “pastor” loosely.

As opposed to instilling children with hate filled, completely bogus ideas. That, apparently is OK.

In the video, the words “Jesus Forgives and Heels” Spitz had better hope Jesus forgives him. His “logic” might be putting him in hot water in the moral department.

The last half of his video also shows photos of “abused” kids, but they look well adjusted and healthy at various and sundry gay pride events.

I saw the horrid video earlier,  but YouTube has since taken it down. It violated their policy on hate speech. No surprise there.

The contrast comes from a nice 80-year old woman in Iowa. They’re debating the issue of gay marriage there. Though many gay marriage opponents are fairly respectful and base their opposition on their religion, other opponents are pretty hateful.

The lady from Iowa has had enough of that, thank you very much. Her son came out as gay maybe 30 years ago and she shared her life lessons for a video:

Joe Jervis, the JoeMyGod said it best: “You just want to hug her and sit down for warm cookies.”


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