I’m Stalked By Snow

Lately, I’ve been getting grumpy about amount of snow in my life. It’s too deep, in the way, too much work, etc.

The snow squall in West Rutland, Vermont that stalked me yesterday. Under normal conditions without a whiteout, you can see a barn through the trees about 250 yards away.

Eight-four inches of snow so far this season is bit much, frankly.

Yesterday, I drove down to West Rutland for my sister’s surprise 40th birthday party. (Stay tuned! Much more news on that party in the next post later today or first thing tomorrow morning. It was a trip to the real Vermont. Or maybe unreal. I can’t decide.)

Anyway, it wasn’t snowing yesterday when I left St. Albans for the drive to West Rutland, Vermont two hours to the south.

Yesterdays West Rutland, Vermont snow squall begins to taper off, revealing a landscape even deeper in snow. Too much of a winter wonderland for me.

I no sooner got to West Rutland and the sky opened up. Zero visibility in snow squalls, as you can see in the pics.

Luckily, there was only an inch or two of new snow. But really.

Had I stayed home, I would have avoided all that. When I returned to St. Albans a short time ago this Sunday afternoon,  I saw that no new snow fell here yesterday.  Now that I’m home, of course it’s starting to snow.

I wonder. If I drove to Key West, Florida, would it have snowed there, too? I think winter sports enthusiasts should stay near me. I could show them a good time. The snow stalks me.

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