Super Bowl Screw Ups

This is why I rarely throw a party.

Anytime you give a bash, there are inevitable screwups that people like me remember as much as the good times.

Like at the Super Bowl last night. Who won is almost besides the point.

The nastiest screw up is when the fire marshall declared some seats off limits, and it looked like at least 400 ticket holders were going to be told to pound sand and go home.

Like all big parites, the Super Bowl had a couple of glitches

You fly thousands of miles through atrocious national weather and spend big bucks on airlline tickets, game tickets, hotels. The big day arrives and you’re told to go home? I’m surprised there was no riot, but apparently, it came close.

Alright, this isn’t exactly life and death. It is a football game, not war or famine. But still. The 400 people were eventually accommodated, but in kind of lousy seats. Sort of takes the steam out Super Bowl night, though.

Of course, if I were throwing a party, I’d probably forget something obvious. Like chairs. So I can feel the stadium owners’ pain.

Then it was Christina Aguiler’s big moment to botch things. She sang the National Anthem, but mucked up the words. Which has to be the worst thing for a performer. She had the biggest national audience she ever had, and forgot the words. At least we know she wasn’t lip synching.

Christina Aguilera sang a, uh, different version of the National Anthem than usual at the Super Bowl

Practice, practice, practice, honey. She said she got caught up in the moment and that’s why she messed up. Maybe the National Anthem wasn’t sexy enough for her, and that was the problem. But what do I know?

I shouldn’t pick on poor Christina, given that I’m surely capable of making similar mistakes when the pressure is on.

Add to these mistake the unusual snow in Dallas that send ice slamming into workers as it slid off the roof of the stadium, and the weather that closed the roads and the airports in the days leading up to the Super Bowl, and you do have a memorable event.

Now, who won, anyway?

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One Response to “Super Bowl Screw Ups”

  1. 4initalia Says:

    Christina didn’t just lose the lyrics, she mangled the melody. Her performance reminded me of the King’s assessment of Mozart in the movie Amadeus: “Too many notes.” So much tearing up and down the scale, leaving a pile of shredded notes and shattered musical notation in her wake. There would have been fewer hysterics if she had actually been on the ship with Francis Scott Key.

    For why I didn’t watch the Super Bowl, see 4initalia…..

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