My Star Turn As A Murderer

For the silver screen, (OK, YouTube screen) I murdered a nice young woman.

Don’t worry, it was only acting. She’s fine. But I had a highly disturbing bit part in the short horror film on YouTube called “To Die For” And in the film, the murder looks disconcertingly convincing.

In this promotional shot for “To Die For” you can barely make me out, wearing black behind the terrified woman, about to kill her. Scary stuff.

“To Die For”  is the first installment of a series from Deadfi Productions, which is Burlington, Vermont filmmaker Owen Mulligan’s low budget but highly effective horror movie company.

The Legends of Urban Horror series will take a horror-film view of a variety of scary urban legends.

Just below this paragraph  is Deadfi’s  “To Die For.”  It’s a disturbing short horror film, but well worth the watch, and not because I’m in it.  I’ll have more to say about what I believe is the high quality of the film,  and my role in the movie after the video, below:

Mulligan is turning into a quite a master of short horror films on YouTube. I’ve had small parts in a couple other Deadfi shorts.  I was a weird, but dead creature of the woods in “Midnight Roadkill.” I was a zombie-like mess of a monster bent on breaking into a man’s apartment and murdering him in “The Smog.”

In that movie, the guy killed me instead. The best part was the (fake) eyeball hanging by a bloody thread from my head after the guy bashed me over the head with a baseball bat.

Anyway, “To Die For,” which debuted on YouTube Tuesday, is Deadfi’s best production yet. For me, it was easily the most disturbing thing I’ve done for Deadfi.

As you can see in the video, a woman is killed by a masked man in black in the production of a snuff film. A guy buys the snuff film and things go from there.

I’m the masked man in black who tortures and murders the terrified young woman. Also, the scene where the guy watches the snuff film was made by Deadfi in my living room.

I’m not a violent guy at all, so it wasn’t easy to pretend to kill a terrified woman. It didn’t help that Giovanna Contini, who played the woman, had incredibly convincing, haunting screams and whimpers as I prepared to “kill” her.

I had nightmares after I went to bed the night of that shoot.

I made myself scarce while Owen and the gang shot the scenes in my living room. Basically I cowered in my office, looking at comedy YouTube videos to offset the “carnage” in my living room.

I was praying the neighbors didn’t hear the guy cheering on the gruesome murder on my living room television screen.

Mulligan’s biggest strength in his films is the lighting. No matter how good a horror film is, it won’t work unless the lighting creates exactly the right mood.

I love the darkness, combined with the reddish light in “To Die For.”  He conveys the horror with the lighting, but it also brings out the pathetic nature of the people who buy and sell snuff films.

Mulligan is exacting. Not mean at all, but he always wants to try take after take, getting the lighting and the scene exactly right. I wouldn’t have the patience, but his efforts speak for themselves. It’s amazing what you can fit into a short film with the right editing.

Deadfi is working on more of the urban legends series. The most exciting part of this is Mulligan seems to always be bubbling with deliciously horrific ideas. I hope to be involved in more of his growing oeuvre. Even if I’m not, I’m looking forward to being terrified by watching Deadfi’s future works.

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  1. deadfi Says:

    Awesome article Matt!

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