Vermont Snow Dump Was Mellow

You’ve probably seen on the news the hyperbole with that storm which swept across the country.

The snow started to come down hard yesterday afternoon in downtown Burlington, Vermont when I snapped this picture.

It was pretty bad, that blizzard in Chicago, Missouri, Oklahoma, and that ice.

But come on, “Blizaster?” Why do they suddenly have to come up with cute names for each storm. Last year, we had “Snowmaggedon.” Is it really too boring to just call it a blizzard, or a storm, or a snowfall?

People seemed to fade behind thick, big falling snowflakes in downtown Burlington, Vermont yesterday.

Here in Vermont, the storm wasn’t exactly severe. There’s maybe 14 inches of new snow on at my St. Albans, Vermont house that I have to finish shoveling. Most places in Vermont got 10 to 20 inches of snow. A fair amount, yes, but let’s calm down about it.

The snow came down gently at times, thickly at others. But it was never particularly windy or cold. So the snowfall slowed the pace of the day as the flakes piled up. Most people seemed to enjoy it, even as they were shoveling.

The snow turned College Street in downtown Burlington, Vermont into a hushed scene Wednesday afternoon

During the periods of heaviest snow, the landscape looked like a television screen made blurry by no cable TV and a lame antenna.

People in Vermont looked at it, made a mental note to go snowboarding  or snowshoeing this weekend, shrugged, and got back to work.

Blizaster? No way. A pleasant, slow winter day? You bet.

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