Monkeying With the Reporter

In my day job I work as a journalist.

As such, I have to deal with people or situations that aren’t always comfortable. Some people don’t want me to write about them. Going to say, a big house fire on a frigid winter night is both bone chilling and smelly, from the smoke.

Sometimes, reporters have difficult days.

But, it’s part of the job and I don’t mind at all. I get to meet interesting people and see interesting things I would never get to do if I had a job as a tax accountant or something.

Also, some journalists have a rougher time than me. Anderson Cooper of CNN got beat up by pro-Mubarak mobs in Egypt. (He’s fine.)

Then we have the journalist in the very funny video below who would love to give a report if that animal on his head would please stop monkeying around:

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