Another Snowstorm, Another Round of Idiocy

I’ve ranted before on people who crash their cars in snowstorms because they were going to fast. I wondered why these people do that.

A car crash on a slushy Vermont road

I finally figured it out. Subconsciously, at least, they want to be the center of attention. To them, even if attention is negative, it’s still attention. They are so pathetic they will take any kind of notice they can get.

Think about it. When some moron passes you doing 80 mph on glare ice, you notice them. And you stew. Deep down, they know that. And love it.

And if they do get into a crash, that’s a jackpot. They know their friends will sympathize, say “poor you” and shower attention.

Those thousands of cars backed up on the highway because their crash is blocking the road? That’s part of the jackpot. In just a few seconds,  they’ve made hundred or thousands of people late for work, or they don’t get home in time, they miss a date, they get frustrated.

The cause of the crash has focused all these peoples’ attention on them. They have an instant audience. How perfect!

Vermonters panicked a little bit with this latest storm. All the schools closed; so did a lot of businesses. I think part of this wasn’t so much the fact it was snowing hard, but the fact that some loser careering down the highway would kill them. So again, the crash-causers have an audience. They’ve disrupted people’s lives.

These morons are stars! At least until they finally kill themselves in one of their idiotic moments of driving like a madman in an ice storm.

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One Response to “Another Snowstorm, Another Round of Idiocy”

  1. montpelier28 Says:

    I’m already stressing about Sat storm for just the reasons you stated. And the big one,I-89 or Rte 2, I usually end up on 89 but hate it for all the reasons stated above. I have one more to add, the a hole whom I am going to slow for that pulls right in front of me so my car lengths are all messed up, of course they are going faster than me so usually they do get ahead, usually by passing the next guy.

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