Gay Respect? Two Snapshots

The world is changing for gay people, but in some tragic cases, not fast enough.

Two news stories caught my attention in the past couple of days. One illustrates how much work has to be done to overcome bigots and those consumed by archaic “religious” beliefs.

The other story illustrates common human goodness and decency, something that hypocritical, holier-than-thou,  negative anti-gay losers could learn some great lessons from.

I’ll get the nasty story out of the way first. It’s about the reaction of one Massachusetts “pastor” to the death of a guy named David Kato in Uganda.

Scott Lively didn't seem too upset by the death of a gay activist in Uganda.

Kato was a gay activist who was found murdered last week. There’s proposed legislation in Uganda that would make it a capital offense to just be gay, and Kato was bravely fighting that. Police there said the death was part of a robbery, but pretty much everybody thinks Kato was killed because a bunch of people in Uganda think “faggots” ought to all die.

The “pastor” Scott Lively, is involved because he was one of several evangelicals to travel to Uganda a year or so ago to talk about how awful gay people allegedly are. The evangelicals are blamed, fairly or not, for inciting the public opinion in Uganda in favor of the “kill gays” bill.

According to a Boston Globe editorial, Lively had an awfully strange reaction to Kato’s murder.

Unlike the other evangelicals involved, who at least condemned the fact that Kato was killed, Lively posited that it must have been another gay person that killed him.

His logic? In New York last week, one gay man killed his gay companion. See, all gay people are evil, so of course they murder each other. At least that seems to be Lively’s “logic.”

Lively has bizarre theories, anyway. He blames Nazi violence in 1930s and 1940s Germany on gays. I guess he thinks butch type gays were all Nazis who killed a bunch of people. Again, in his mindset, it seems all gay people are evil beings bent on taking over the world and killing all decent minded people.

Scott, are we a little paranoid?

Lively’s reputation isn’t that great to begin with. His sort of evangelical coffee shop in Springfield Mass. got in a bit of trouble because the school district compained truant kids would hang out there instead of going to school. And he had a convicted sex offender working for him.

To be fair, Lively said he didn’t know the guy was a sex offender, but isn’t that why God created employee background checks?

Now onto the story that tells how decency toward everybody works. John Fliszar and Mark Ketterson got married when gay marriage became legal in Iowa.

Fliszar died in July. He wished to be buried at the U.S. Naval Academy cemetery, as he was a graduate of the academy.

Officials with the U.S. Naval Academy upheld a reputation for fairness and decency recently when dealing with the death of a gay Academy graduate.

Widower Ketterson got ahold of the Academy and provided proof he’d been married to Fliszar. According to the Chicago Sun Times, Ketterson said Naval Academy officials treated him with the utmost compassion and respect.

The U.S. Naval Academy isn’t exactly a hotbed of liberal Kayumba thought, so it is something that personnel treated Ketterson and the death of Fliszar with such respect.

So kudos to the Academy for doing the right thing. See, it wasn’t so hard. People like Scott Lively could use Ketterson’s example to realize instead of killing gays the best thing to do is to treat any innocent person who dies with respect.


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