The Squirrel Must Have Been Hungry

People with bird feeders know how annoying squirrels can be, eating all the food meant for the chickedees and other feathered friends.

The squirrels always seem to find a way to the bird feeder, too, no matter how difficult you make it for them.

So, somebody decided to at least make the situation fun, by setting up a few obstacles for the squirrel to figure out before getting to the exalted food.

Did the squirrel succeed? Watch the video and find out for yourself. (and the video has a bonus section at the end on an encounter with a vending machine)

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One Response to “The Squirrel Must Have Been Hungry”

  1. jeff modereger Says:

    yea for the squirel. too bad we can’t get our kids to think through problems and situations like that. Maybe if it involved food, they would do better at math.

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