Hilarious Clumsy Thief

I CANNOT tire of highlighting incredible dumb criminals. There seems to be an endless supply of them. Thank goodness so many are stupid. It makes solving the crimes a breeze.

Yet another example of a stupid thief: Accordiing to the London Daily Mail, this guy stole a necklace, then showed up his haul in front of a surveillance camera. Yeah, bud you're lovely.

We take you this time to Brazil, where a really, really, really clumsy guy breaks into some sort of office.

This guy’s performance rivals that of the famous YouTube clumsy liquor store thief from four years ago, which is still the gold standard of dumb criminal videos.

A more fatal version of a clumsy criminal came in Takoma Park, Maryland this week, when a bank robber grabbed a woman as a human shield. He brought her outside to ward off the cops. But he tripped over a snow bank, giving the woman time to run. It also gave the cops time to fatally shoot the robber.

For our Brazil guy, it does not go well, but he does get away, momentarily.

But reports say he was caught not long after the surveillance cameras caught him. The fact there was that and a zillion witnesses helped. Plus, he probably tripped over something.

Watch how our Brazil thief does in the video:

So kiddies, if you’re planning to commit a crime, you might want to head to the gym first, and work on your balance, coordination, athleticism and wits.

Or better yet, just stay home, watch TV and forget about stealing anything.

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