Jesus, Virgin Mary Appear in the Darnedest Places!

Jesus and the Virgin Mary keep showing up in the strangest places.

The latest incident was a report that Jesus and the Virgin Mary appeared in a tortilla being cooked in a Texas home kitchen,  according to CNN.

Supposedly, that's the Virgin Mary on this pancake.

The two icons have appeared in a variety of other bizarre places, at least according to the people who say they saw them. Among the places Jesus and the Virgin Mary have decided to hang out were a pancake, a chocolate dripping, a potato chip, a freshly power washed wall and a mud puddle in Mexico City.

Seems they also appear on grilled cheese sandwiches pretty often.

I guess it’s sacriligious to say that people are imagining they are seeing these things. I have seen photos of a lot of these alleged sightings, and to me, most of them just look like random stains.

Maybe I just don’t have that old time religion in me. Or I need better glasses.

I’m not sure why Jesus and the Virgin Mary would appear in such humble objects.   You’d think they would find more impressive venues to put on a show. Maybe Jesus should just walk through Times Square. He’s sure be a contrast and a distraction from the Naked Cowboy.

Or the pair could do a media blitz if they really wanted to get noticed. Instead of being a stain on a tortilla, shouldn’t the Virgin Mary book herself on the Oprah Winfrey Show? That would be especially useful now, as Oprah is making a big deal out of ending the show and starting her own network.

What would Jesus do? If he appeared on "Jersey Shore" with Snooki, pictured here, it would be a ratings bonanza.

Maybe Jesus and the Virgin Mary should team up to be on a reality TV show. Wouldn’t it be fun if Jesus and Mary infiltrated “Jersey Shore?” That sure would make Snooki choke on her Four Loco.

I think the problem is that Jesus and Virgin Mary need  a better publicist. The Virgin Mary on a chocolate puddle, or Jesus on a water stain on a wall don’t exactly inspire awe.

For the right price, I could be a publicist.  Maybe God will give me a call, and get Jesus and the Virgin Mary out of his hair once and for all.

I’m about to get struck by lightning, aren’t I?

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