Vermont Bank Robber Didn’t Even Try

Some moron robbed a bank in the town of Georgia, Vermont Monday afternoon. That’s the town just south of me.

According to an article and a surveillance camera photo in today’s Burlington Free Press, this guy didn’t even try to hide his face.

Come on, it was below zero yesterday. It was the one day of the year it would have made sense to wear a ski mask as you rob a bank. But this guy’s face is visible for all the world to see.

I’m sure the police, with the help with the zillions of people who see the guy’s photo, will pay him a visit in the very near future. I have to wonder if the guy wants to get caught, is so cocky he thinks nobody will catch him, or he’s just stupid.

Maybe all of the above.

UPDATE: Vermont State Police released a couple more photos of this loser in the bank yammering on the phone.

What, he needed instructions on how to rob the bank?

Burlington Free Press now reports our hero is Michael Haines of my hometown of St. Albans.

I’m so proud.

They’re still looking for Haines, but I’m sure he will turn up under a rock some where soon enough.


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