The Cold Defeated Me

I don’t feel like a Vermonter any more.

My offending truck, which wouldn't start in 18 below zero temperatures this morning

Any good Vermonter knows his truck will start on a cold morning. Mine didn’t. And by Vermont standards, it wasn’t that cold. Eighteen below at my house in St. Albans, Vt.

The truck almost, almost got going, but not quite.

It was almost like talking to me to not even try as I made the effort. The engine sound like “leavemealone…..leavemealone…..leaveme alowwowowowowowowonnnnn.”

So, something beyond the cold is wrong.

Cold weather always creates a lot of extra work. The mundane stuff, bundling up for the icy air, is one thing. That takes a little extra time. You can’t just run out of the house and begin your day.

It’s icy underfoot, so you have to walk gingerly. On days when your vehicle starts, you have to scrape the snow and ice off it. That kills time, too.

These aren’t the carefree days of summer, are they?

At least the heat in the house is still cranking, thank gawd. Last night I made a hearty soup to help ward off the cold. The kitchen smelled warm and steamy and full of spice smells. It was a nice way to hibernate.

I opened the kitchen door to get something outside, and the contrast to the comforts of home and the miserable weather outside created the steam cloud you see in the video:

So the house was nice and comfy. But when a vehicle doesn’t start, you need help. And a zillion other poeple need help. So you cool your heels, as if you’re not already cold enough, and wait your turn for the tow truck guys to arrive

You know they can’t be enjoying this weather too much.

The truck just might need a simple jump start. I think it’s worse, however.  Given that the rig didn’t start at 18 below, something else is wrong.

It always takes a frigid morning to discover pre-existing problems, no?


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