Photo, Video Antidote to The Cold

As you’ve already heard me whine about, it’s cold and miserable in Vermont. Temperatures in the state were mostly in the 20s below zero this morning.

A warm, green leavy roadway last August near Lake Willoughby in Westmore, Vermont.

One of the “warm” spots was 19 below in Burlington. North Troy, Vermont takes the cold prize, as they reached 35 below. Brrrr!!!!

This is probably driving a lot of people nuts here. We can take the cold, but it doesn’t mean we like it.

Meanwhile, the Midwest is frigid, the South is cold, and parts of the East Coast are bracing for yet another big snowstorm. I hope the photos and video help distract anybody in those areas from the pains of winter.

Green leaves grow in the trees in my backyard on a warm, sunny evening last May.

I will also interject a note of envy. My friend Denis, who lives dangerously close to North Troy, where it was 35 below, missed out on all the cold fun. He’s in South Africa at the moment. It’s summer down there. The forecast high in Johannsburg today is 78 degrees. Denis is a lucky feller. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

So, I’m offering some medicine in the form of a couple photos I took in Vermont last summer. I also found a YouTube video taken in Vermont’s Mad River Valley last July during a heat wave.

Roses on a trellice in Burlington, Vermont last July.

The video is amateurish and a tourism plug for the area, but it’s still full of green leaves, blue skies and people embracing summer.

Look at it this way. The 30 below you might have experienced this morning is just the price you pay for paradise in the summer.

Here’s the vid:

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