Flood + Bus = Extreme Stupidity

We’re having a cold snap, some extreme weather up here in Vermont. You have to know how to deal with the weather.

There’s safety tips for every kind of condition: We’re told to bundle up, protect our hands, have emergency warm clothes in our cars, etc.

In floods, the common sense advice is never drive across a flooded road. You don’t know if it’s washed out, the water might be deeper than you think, and it’s surprisingly easy for water to wash your car away and make you drown.

Note to Nicaraguan bus drivers: This is not an amphibious vehicle.

In that light, I found this astounding video of the world’s stupidest bus drivers. They were in Nicaragua during a flood. They came upon a road that was under deep, rushing water. To the left of the road was a big drop off, making the water crash over an extremely turbulent water fall.

So, given the high threat of a horrible death for anybody on the bus,  the bus drivers decided against driving through the floodwaters, right?


The notes below this video did not give details, like, why did they drive across and did anybody else try it and die. I hope not.

Apparently, the Nicaraguan government was understandably not amused by these bus drivers. Said a government spokesman:

Authorities from MTI’s Ground Transport Department noted yesterday that whatever company operates service in the country and puts the lives of users in danger can be subject to heavy sanctions and its operating permits can be suspended indefinitely.

I couldn’t find any news on whether this bus company’s permits were revoked. I hope they were.

In any event, do NOT try this at home, kiddies.

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