Dissatisfied Stripper Customer’s Tragic Lawsuit

Proving that people can sue for just about anything, but not necessarily win, we bring you a gentleman named Hubert Blackman, who is suing an exotic dancer company in Las Vegas because the woman didn’t dance long enough for him.

Blackman said he is traumatized because she was supposed to stay in his hotel and perform for an hour, but left after only a half hour.

A stripper, possibly like this one, did not perform long enough for our hero, Hubert Blackman. He's suing.

Our buddy Hubert filed the suit against Las Vegas Exclusive Personals without an attorney, so he’s working for himeself. Says he:

I would like the court to close the business. I also would like to get my $275 payment back and a $1.8 million verdict for the tragic event that happened.”

Tragic for who? Maybe for the dancer, who had to put up with this guy, who was allegedly drunk for a half hour. I don’t blame her for leaving after a half hour. She’s a saint for staying that long, and calling a stripper a saint is saying something.

Part of Hubert’s trauma, according to his lawsuit, is he complained about the situation to Las Vegas Police. Police threatened to arrest him for prostitution.

Where’s a good cop when you need one?

Maybe Hubert didn’t think this one through that well. Lawsuits are public record, that’s why you can find umpteenth items on Google regarding this lawsuit.

Which means this has turned into a public relations nightmare for Hubert. Seems every item on the Internet makes fun of the guy. So he’s not exactly winning friends and influencing people. Just think how traumatized Hubert is going to be if he reads all this stuff.

But he’s making us laugh, so that’s a plus. It distracts us from even more tragic events than Hubert’s too-short stripper dance, like high gas prices, shooting massacres, rough Arctic weather and Lindsay Lohan.

I wish Hubert good luck with his lawsuit. I can’t wait to read the depositions if this goes forward.

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