Pink (The Rock Star) is Perfect: New Video

Pink is my idea of every girl’s perfect big sister.

The singer/songwriter/rock star’s persona is tough and brassy. She’s the hearty partier, somebody the button up parents are definitely afraid of.

The excellent singer/songwriter Pink

She’s brutally honest and looks out for the underdog. Pink is the alpha girrl with the heart of gold. She’s smart and beautiful without giving in to the conventions of fashion. She transfers her toughness to anyone on shaky emotional ground that needs a boost and a straight-up shot of self confidence.

“F**kin Perfect,” Pink’s new song and video, demonstrates this, well, perfectly.  Watch it below, but a warning:  Some might object to the word in the title (I don’t) And parts of the video are disturbing. But it’s ultimately uplifting.

Given the massive amount of press concerning bullying and the hurt among kids who don’t quite fit in, this video is something they must watch. For a pop song video, it’s  surprisingly moving: (Note, when you open the link you’ll get black screen with instructions. To watch, click on  “Watch it on YouTube.”)

The video depicts the problem of cutting and suicide. That hits home here in Vermont, where we just had a high profile suicide of a 15 year old boy.

It’s best to let Pink give her thoughts on this, because she says it best.   I lifted the following statement she made on her Web site.

“Its a problem, and its something we should talk about.
We can choose to ignore the problem, and therefore ignore this video, but that won’t make it go away.
I don’t support or encourage suicide or cutting.
I support the kids out there that feel so desperate/numb/powerless, that feel unseen and unheard, and can’t see another way.. I want them to know I’m aware. I have been there. I see them.
Sometimes that’s all it takes.”

Pink is pregnant with her first kid. She has this to say about that:

“I will accept him or her with open and loving and welcoming arms. And though I will prepare this little munchkin for a sometimes cruel world, I will also equip this kid to see all the beauty in it as well. There are good people in this world that are open-minded, and loving. There are those that accept us with all of our flaws. I do that with my fans/friends, and I will do that with my child, whoever they decide to be.”

OK, I’m going to get a little sanctimonious, but I’ve got to do it anyway.

Pink is spot on. Do you know a kid who is having problems, is unconventional, doesn’t fit in? Maybe he’s gay, she’s awkward, he’s overweight, she has a learning disability, he’s loud, she’s not the prom queen.

Give them a break and make sure they know they are worth something, and they will change the world for the better if only we give them a chance. Too many kids kill themselves, or sink in misery, because nobody let them know they are valuable.

As Pink notes, it’s a sure bet these kids are  f**kin’ perfect.

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