Not the Golden Opportunity For This Criminal

Here’s the latest installment of stoopid criminals.

Gold is rising in value quickly, so it makes sense that grifters are using gold in their scams with more and more regularity.

Some gold scams are sophisticated. Others, well.......

These scams don’t always work out, as the butt our joke, the apprpriately named Johnnie Butts, 48, found out.

According to the Quincy Massachusetts Patriot-Ledger, Butts tried to sell fake gold to a random guy, but our random guy was exactly the wrong person to try this scam on.

Our would-be victim, William Pace, happens to be the police chief of Randolph, Mass. Police tend to be highly suspicious of guys selling gold in random convenience stores, so Pace is probably nobody’s fool.

Worse for Butts, Police Chief Pace is also co-owner of William and Kenneth Fine Jewelry in Randolph. So Pace is pretty good at figuring out what’s real gold and what’s fake.

Bottom line: Butts tried to sell fake gold to a combination cop/jeweler. What are the chances?

Not all gold scammers are that stupid, of course. Financial planners say they are a lot of dubious gold scams out there, now that prices for the mineral are so high.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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