Boring Sex? Weird Guy and Dead Woman. Ick.

This is gross, so be forwarned: A guy in Indiana is charged with having sex with a corpse, but he says he didn’t realize she was dead.

Richard Sanden is charged with having sex with a dead woman, but he claims he didn't realize she was deceased.

According to the Washington Times-Herald in Indiana, Richard Sanden, 55, faces eight criminal charges, seven of them felonies. Sounds like somebody wants to throw the book at him, which under the circumstances, sounds like a good thing.

It also sounds like the cops are a bit skeptical regarding Sanden’s story about not realizing the woman was dead.  Yeah, some sexual partners aren’t exactly acrobatic in the sack, but really. You’d think there’d be some clues.

I mean, no moaning, and Oh God!, Oh God! or anything like that from her?  No effort by her to change positions, or even acknowledgment? Even if he were convinced she was alive, wouldn’t he be insulted by her lack of response and give up?

Police said Sanden made their investigation easy by videotaping things. Or on second thought, difficult, because somebody had to watch the horror to charge him with the crime.

So, looks as if our friend in Indiana will go to jail, thank goodness, keeping both live and deceased people safe from his advances.

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