A Surprising High-Tech Theft: Traffic Lights

I ran across this odd story that demonstrates how our high tech world can lead to surprising crimes from surprising stories.

Who'd have thought the lowly traffic signal would have high tech stuff that criminals steal.

Criminals have stolen SIM cards, modems and GPS devices from about 400 high-tech traffic signals in Johannesburg, South Africa, according to the city’s Road Agency.

SIM cards are essentially hard drives from cell phones and the criminals used the cards to make lots and lots of phone calls at Johannesburg’s expense, according to the Road Agency.

Plus, it will be expensive to replace all the equipment. The Road Agency’s Web site does not indicate how much money Johannesburg lost.

The agency says it’s looking for ways to secure the traffic lights to prevent more thefts.

I guess I don’t have a criminal mind. I would have never thought to steal stuff from traffic lights. I wonder what other high tech stuff is out there to steal, and from where?

Note to cops: No, I’m not trying to find ways to steal stuff. It was just an idle question.

Goes to show that nothing is safe from theives. By the way, they’re also stealing the poles for traffic lights in Johannesburg so they can sell them to scrap metal dealers.

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