Vermont Gets a Big Dump Of Snow

That nor’easter that clobbered the East Coast moved further north and west than expected, so we here in northern Vermont were surprised by a nice, thick, blustery snowstorm today.

I took this pic of a guy skiing through downtown Montpelier today

Instead of the two to six inches of new snow in the original forecast, we will now get eight to 14 inches.

Skiers and riders are jumping for joy, the people out there driving have tension headaches, as do the forecasters who were surprised by the storm’s ferocity.

I had to drive to and from Montpelier today, a round trip of more than 80 miles. I couldn’t see a thing sometimes, and so guessed where the road was. Luckily, I guessed right.

I took the following dashcam video from my truck as I traveled along Interstate 89 in Middlesex, Vermont today. As you can see, the visibility was pretty bad

A ten inch snowstorm is not anything weird for a Vermont January, but it does change the mood out there. Even the people grumbling about it seem to be suppressing smiles.

Everything slows down, we huddle inside if possible and watch the gale whip sheets of snow by the window.

Nothing like a nice storm to make us pause and smile.

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One Response to “Vermont Gets a Big Dump Of Snow”

  1. Jay Vos Says:

    The problem, at least on Mt Philo Rd in Shelburne/Charlotte, the plows couldn’t keep up with the blowing, drifting snow! And my wipers froze up, creating this icy streak on the windshield. But I’ve got home safely and am enjoying a nice cup of cocoa at 4 p.m….

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