A “Prophet” Says DADT Repeal Killed Birds

Last week,  I wrote about those reports of dead birds falling from the sky in Arkansas and elsewhere.

Of course, there were lots of theories why the birds fell. Could have been fireworks scaring them, a natural die-off, some virus, who knows for sure?

This poor defenseless bird died because of those hideous homosexuals, according to profit, er, prophet Cindy Jacobs

Cindy Jacobs knows for sure. She’s figured it out. The birds in Arkansas died because Congress repealed “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and God is LIVID about that.

A "prophet" Cindy Jacobs, has figured out what killed the birds in Arkansas: It was the DADT repeal!

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was that military policy in which gay servicepeople could not serve openly. During the lame duck session of Congress in December, lawmakers repealed that policy and gay service members will be able to serve openly.

Conservatives weren’t happy with the repeal, to put it mildly. Some seemed to go so far as to predict the end of the country. God would smite us for sure, for being nice to those sinning homosexuals, goes the logic.

Jacobs takes that logic to a whole new level, according to a video  Right Wing Watch found that I saw on JoeMyGod, a gay news and advocacy blog.

Here’s Jacob’s reasoning:

You see, the birds fell dead in Beebe, Arkansas. The current governor’s last name is Beebe. A former governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton, instituted Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. So therefore, when Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed, God expressed his displeasure by killing birds in Beebe, Arkansas.

See? it makes perfect sense.

And really, she surely knows what she’s talking about. According to the Web site of Jacob’s organization, Generals International, we get this information about her:

“Cindy Jacobs is a respected prophet who travels the world ministering not only to crowds of people, but to heads of nations.  Perhaps her greatest ministry is to world influencers who seek her prophetic advice.”

I should let Jacobs explain it herself in the video below. It is SO priceless

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