On a Vermont Winter’s Day

Yesterday, a gusty, chilly Sunday,  reflected the changeability of a Vermont January day, especially as you moved from one place to another.

A setting sun highlights tree trunk shadows and ripples in the snow in my St. Albans yard Sunday.

Here in St. Albans, Vermont, we stayed in a transition zone all day. To the west and north, the clouds stayed broken up, revealing glimpses of blue sky over the Adirondacks and the flat lands in Quebec, south of Montreal.

To the east, on the western slopes of the Green Mountains, dark, smooth clouds covered the sky and a snowstorm raged, dropping six to ten inches of snow on the mountains.

A setting sun makes tree trunks glow against a slate gray sky Sunday in St. Albans, Vermont

Between the two extremes in St. Albans, the sky was flat gray and a few fitful snow flakes fell from time to time.

By late afternoon, the setting sun found some holes in the clouds far to the southwest of us  and flooded St. Albans with an orange glow. Dark clouds overhead combined with the low sun created some otherworldly lighting.

The result were bare trees glowing pumpkin warm beneath a gloomy, cold sky. The low sun created alternating patterns of slate gray and peach in the snow.

Of course, I ran for the camera and began shooting. A few of the images are in this post.

A setting sun Sunday in St. Albans reveals a moonscape like pattern in the snow

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