Vermont Winter Sunset

Light snow has been falling in Vermont this weekend, but it tapered off for awhile late this afternoon, allowing for a wintry sunset over Burlington.

A winter sun sets over Burlington, Vermont Saturday

So of course I snapped a couple of pictures.

Most of Vermont only got one to four inches of new snow. That’s clearly not a big deal.

But winter drivers, already miserable at driving in normal seasonal conditions, are clearly getting worse, if at all possible.

Vermont State Police reported at least 100 crashes and cars sliding off Vermont roads, even though the weather was perfectly normal for January.

Another view of Saturday's sunset over Burlington, Vermont

Police said most of the crashes were caused by people going too fast for the conditions. I’ve ranted on this before, but come on.

That many people have no clue that snow and ice are slippery? That it snows in Vermont in January? Can that mamy people be that stupid?

The mysteries of life continue. Meanwhile, enjoy the lovely winter skies.

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