True Country, Goofy Words

No genre of music has better word play than old time country music.

There’s titles like “There’s a Tear in My Beer,” “All My Exes Live in Texas,”  “If Lovin’ You is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right,” and “Her Teeth were Stained But Her Heart Was Pure.”

Rhonda Vincent, taking up the country music word play, sang an excellent tune called "At the Corner of Walk and Don't Walk."

The excellent Columbus Post Dispatch columnist, Mike Harden, who unfortunately died in October, once put out a list of fantastic country music titles about ten years ago.  I think my favorite in his list is “Venom Wearin’ Denim.”

Some of these oddball song titles actually turn out to be terrific tunes. Rhonda Vincent had a great song a few years back called “At the Corner of Walk and Don’t Walk.”

It’s a genuine, cry in your beer sort of song, very traditional, very good. Let Rhonda demonstrate for herself:

Another of my favorites in this funny wordplay country genre is an excellent, catchy tune from 1978 called “Heaven’s Just a Sin Away” by The Kendalls. Again, very traditional.  Watch the video below. I think it’s really worth it


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