Fails, Wins and Yikes! of 2010

Here’s a nice time waster for the New Year’s weekend:

A trio of videos, looking back at some people goofing up, getting extremely lucky, or showing unusual skill in 2010. Note, parts of all three videos have loud, painful, and miserable music, so watch the volume control.

First, we might as well get the screw ups out of the way. Thrills, chills and spills here. Mostly spills. And assorted morons. We can all vote for our favorites, but in the fail video that’s next, I particularly like the snowmobile at minute 1:12; the piano at 6:38 and the wedding photographer at 8:06:

Next, we have the winners. Some in the video to me aren’t winners, like the very first clip in the video of a motorist intentionally splashing a pedestrian and the pervert in the grocery store later in the video. But a lot of them are cool. My favorites are the kid at 0:45, the grandmother at 2:21, the gymnast at 4:54 and the guy in the wheelchair at 5:50.

Last, but not least, we have those lucky souls who had the gods smiling on them in a few sometimes dicey situations: My favories are the guy near the car crash at 1:00, the avalanche at 3;18 and the bus crash at 4:01

What are your favorite ones in these clips? Or do you have others?



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