Dumb Woman Rams Cops With Camaro

Well, I knew the crown of the dumbest person with a motor vehicle would move to another person quickly.

Earlier this week, I highlighted the city sanitation department moron with the stuck snow clearing equipment in New York City taking idiocy to new heights by repeatedly hitting an SUV. That video sure went viral.

By the way, the guy who took the New York video is now in hiding because he’s gotten death threats from the moron’s sympathizers who object to people objecting to the sanitation worker being a moron. Isn’t life grand?

Anyway, now we have a woman in a Camaro who seems a bit displeased with a nice police officer sitting in his cruiser behind her. Watch what happens:

According to the San Jose Mercury News in California, the car’s driver, Tina Puccini-Perez, 52, of San Francisco faces a felony assault charge for her shenanigans.

Unfortunately the police have not revealed the most pressing question in this whole mid-December incident in Burlingame, California: Why did our Tina do this? Inquiring minds want to know.

Last we hears, she was being held in jail, lacking $50,00o bail.

On the bright side, Ms. Tina Puccini-Perez’s video is sure to go viral. Congratulations Tina! Another star is born.

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