Vermont: The Smarty-Pants State?

According to a chart I found on One Blog Off the Grid, via Fast Company, Vermont is the smartest state in the nation.

Given the fact I’m a Vermonter and not the sharpest knife in the drawer, plus the fact I meet people here that are dumber than me, I wonder about that designation.

Are we Vermonters smart, or do we just fake it?

The  chart looks pretty tongue-in-cheek anyway. It shows what each state in the nation does best, and what some states do best aren’t necessarily anything to be proud of, if these things are even true.

West Virginia, for instance, is tops in toothlessness.  Nevada doesn’t sound like a fun place, since it has a trifecta of Number One designations: The state has the most teen pregnancies, highest foreclosure rate and highest rate of meth use in the nation.

Ah yes, pregnant, homeless teens on meth. Sounds a bit grim to me.

Vermont’s smartest designation appears to come from a 2006 study that shows the state’s public schools are pretty high quality with reasonable class sizes.

I dunno.  There are smart people here in Vermont, of course, but plenty of dumb bunnies, too. Like the clerk in the convenience store the other day who wouldn’t sell me a soda because she was too busy yelling at a coworker for stealing her boyfriend.

Anyway, I’ll accept that we in Vermont are a bunch of geniuses, until somebody tells us I’m wrong. My guess that news will come within 30 seconds of posting this blog.

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