Can a Drunk Driver Be Funny?

Last night, with television options few and far between (I could not bear to sit through “The Sound of Music” again. The hills are alive with the sound of boredom.)

I'm sure you constantly wonder whatever happened to Tonya Harding, Danny Bonaduce, Leif Garrett and Todd Bridges. Here they are on the show "World's Dumbest..."

So I decided to go slumming. I watched “World’s Dumbest Drivers” on TruTV.

(The have a whole bunch of shows, all involving “World’s Dumbest…..”)

The show has several people making comments between videos, including such luminaries as Danny Bonaduce, Todd Bridges, Leif Garrett and Tonya Harding.

Not to be catty, but time has not been a friend to those four.

Anyway, while I hit rock bottom searching for something, anything to watch on TV, I found a video on the show of a Florida drunk driver hitting rock bottom, too. I have to say I did a lot better than this guy. It probably helped that I was sipping water, not booze while watching the show.

Yes, I know drunk driving is not funny and lots of people get killed because of it.

But in this case, the cops caught the guy before anybody got hurt. And he was a classic.

The video is below, but I’ll point out some of the money quotes now, since they’re priceless.

The cop asked the guy if he’s had an education. He replied “I’ve got twenty years of education. I graduated from tenth grade twice.”

I guess that’s what they call “New Math.”

When the cop steadied the weaving guy to prevent him from falling over, the drunk said. “That’s more than Catfish would do.”

Catfish is apparently the drunk guy’s erstwhile buddy. I don’t like Catfish either, truth be told.

Not shown in the clip in this post is our drunk driver telling the cop he needs to “drain his vein.”  I guess Colt 45 will do that to you.

Anyway, check out the video yourself for more laughs. This version is different than the one on the show last night.

And don’t drink and drive!

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