Sadly Left Out of the Blizzard

The East Coast is getting slammed by an epic blizzard. But my little corner of northwestern Vermont, near St. Albans is expected to get nothing dramatic. It’ll get kind of windy, there will be a little light snow. Another winter night in Vermont

The aftermath of a Feb. 14, 2007 blizzard in Burlington, Vermont. The latest East Coast blizzard is expected to only brush Burlington with a few inches of new snow. Photo by Peter Huoppi.

I’m hugely disappointed. I wanted to get nailed. I know, I know, a practical man would not wish a blizzard on himself. I have a lot of appointments for work tomorrow, places to drive, people to see.

A blizzard would not make that any easier. I don’t have time to shovel two feet of wind blown snow out of my driveway, and if people cancel my meetings, I’m screwed at work.

But I’m not a practical man. I want drama, at least in the weather department. I mean, the forecast for St. Albans won’t exactly make for a future grand story. “Remember that time when we had a snow flurry and the wind gusted to 20 mph?”


When you’re experiencing a blizzard, it’s not always fun. The last real one we had was on Valentine’s Day, 2007. We had more than two feet of heavy, wind-blown snow in about 18 hours.

Driving home from work that day, I couldn’t see beyond the hood of my truck. I had to guess where the road was. Luckily, I pretty much guessed right. A lot of people didn’t.

And it took me forever to dig out the next day.  My back was killing me.

But, looking back, it was a so much fun. Just because during a storm like that, everything changes. Cars stop. Routines do, too. The landscape changes shapes as drifts grow.  The same old same old gets boring, and there’s nothing like a big storm to jazz things up a bit.

So, I’m still hoping the storm now looming on the coast unexpectedly loops north and blasts St. Albans. I doubt it will.

To those in blizzard-wracked New York and Boston, who are feeling the pain, I have only one thing to say. You lucky dawgs you!

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