All I Want For Christmas…..

It’s Christmas Eve, a delightful one here in Vermont.

The sun is out, there’s fresh, powdery snow on the ground and the shoppers as of mid-afternoon are making their last-minute purchases. I feel like I’m experiencing a Currier and Ives overdose.

Looks like Santa's getting an eyeful of my Christmas wish list.

I know it’s a little late to mention this, but I have a Christmas wish list. The good news is it’s not too late to obtain it. Most of them are free, and painless for most people,  and can be enjoyed by everyone.  The wish list is also hopelessly unrealistic, but unlike most adults, I still believe in Santa. So he might still come through with items on the following:

—Henceforth, all people in public office or running for office must say things that are factually true. They can have controversial opinions, but they can’t just make stuff up. Like John Boehner’s comment that people who are fighting global warming think carbon dioxide is a carcinogen. Uh, no John, they never said that, so go cry in a corner. You’re good at crying, right?

— I don’t like censorship, but I will make one exception: I wish all news outlets will not constantly update us on all train wreck celebrities’ latest mishaps. I never want to hear that Lindsay Lohan was drunk again, that Miley Cyrus may or may not be a lesbian, that Paris Hilton has coke residue on her lip, or Lady Gaga was boorish at a baseball game. If any of these people do something momentous,or God forbid important,  go ahead and tell us, but otherwise, we’re better off not knowing about them.

—- From now on, I want people who are not king of the world to not act like they are king of the world. That means, no butting in line at the store, not pulling a hissy fit if the car in front of you is driving too slowly, not whining that the world owes you, well, the world. None of us are that special, and we can all share our toys, can’t we?

—- Maybe Santa will bring less hate. That means we don’t get hysterical or cruel, or discriminatory when we encounter someone that’s different from what we are. People say the more variety the better, and I agree with that. So why do some people lash out and get unpleasant like a rabid skunk every time an immigrant, a racial minority, a gay person, or any other person who is “different” crosses our path? And why do we even put up with the rabid skunks anyway?

—- I hope Santa brings less angst about religion. We all have different faiths. Let’s stop yelling at each other that my God is better than your God, OK? If Christmas is a religious holiday to you, then celebrate it that way. If you view it as a secular holiday, go that route. But I’m going to barf the next time somebody yells (obviously falsely) that the secular world has “declared war on Christmas.” And there are a few of those secular types who roll their eyes at the people going to church. To them, I say, the harm is in going to church on Christmas if your so inclined is…..what?

— My last request from Santa in this Christmas wish list is probably the most realistic: I hope all readers of this blog, all my friends and family, and all the good people out there have the best holiday season ever, and a New Year full of joy, accomplishment, warmth and anything great that can possibly come along.

Thank you all for helping make my life so much fun.

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