Governor Keeps Vermont Weird

A fast-selling t-shirt around here has the logo “Keep Vermont Weird.”

People in other parts of the country look at Vermont askance, as we want them to.

Departing Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas conducts a dog and pony show at his final press conference Wednesday. Photo by Burlington Free Press photo Glenn Russell.

So it was heartening yesterday when Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas, holding his last press conference while in office, gave us a dog and pony show.

Douglas, at his press conferences over the years, usually trotted out people and charts and such to make his point. Reporter snickered that these pressers were dog and pony shows.

The governor, a Republican who chose not to seek re-election, decided to have a real pony and real dog at yesterday’s press conference., according to the Burlington Free Press.  Ok, it was a minature horse, but still.

Douglas also seemed to appear at every ground breaking and ribbon cutting in the state during his term as governor, earning him the moniker by the late Vermont political columnist Peter Freyne as “Governor Scissorhands.”

Vermont Public Radio reporter Bob Kinzel celebrate that fact by giving Douglas a pair of scissors and a Wal-Mart greeter t-shirt as parting gifts.

Let’s hope our new, incoming Governor Peter Shumlin, a Democrat, has as good a sense of humor. Yeah, we want Shumlin to be effective, but really, he HAS to keep Vermont weird, too.

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