Frosty the Klansman

Call me boring, but I’m a traditionalist when it comes to building snowmen. Three big balls of snow, sticks for arms, a nice carrot for the nose. Pretty harmless, all in all.

Idaho moron "snow artist" Mark Eliseuson, who built a Klu Klux Klan snowman. Photo is after he knocked the top of the snowman off because of legal threats

I am all for creativity in the snowman department, but at least one person in Idaho probably turned his snowman into the most annoying creation possible.

A  man in Hayden, Idaho, thought since snowmen are white and Klu Klux Klan members are white, that would make a perfect combination. So Mark Eliseuson built a 10 foot tall Klu Klux Klan snowman.

Understandably, the neighbors weren’t impressed by Elisueson’s winter work of art.   Watch the full report from television station KXLY report below. As always, I have some follow up comments after the video.

This guy certainly doesn’t stand up for his convictions, as loathesome as they are.

Says he: “It’s a snowman. It’s nothing hateful as far as I can tell.” He also said he never saw a noose on it, the noose that all the neighbors had pictures of.

C’mon Mark, what’s the problem? Aren’t you a proud racist, even if everybody else, certainly including me, thinks you’re the dumbest person in Idaho?

He certainly seems to be the Hayden town whacko. He caused controversy earlier this year by displaying white supremicist flags. Local news reports also said that he handed out bullets to the kiddies at Halloween, but Eliseuson said he was misunderstood.

He handed out bullet casings because he ran out of candy. Oh. Kind of like the noose that everybody saw that he said he never saw.

I hate to judge people on their looks but our buddy Mark even looks like an idiot in his camoflauge hat, dumb goatee and moronic looking tattoos on his arms. Real tough guy.

After sheriffs visited him he knocked the hooded part of Klan snow guy because the sheriffs said he might be committing a crime. Local media said he might replace the frigid klansman with a snow sculpture of a Nazi soldier.

How pleasant. Makes you pray for global warming, doesn’t it?

Mark’s  the worst kind of moron, in that he also acts smug, like he thinks he’s got some intelligence in that barren warren inside his head, where most people have a brain.

The question for everybody was whether to ignore Mark, because talking about his Frosty the Klansman would only encourage him. But, I think it’s best to open people like him up for public derision, to at least demonstrate to would-be targets of Mark that we’ve got their back.

Mark doesn’t get it certainly, he’s too stupid. But somehow, he’ll get his comeuppance. The ideal scenario: His stupidity makes him lose the house, and it’s sold to a black, gay couple.

Who would probably build snowmen like I do: With the carrot nose, the stick hands, and maybe a nice scarf. And no hood.

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One Response to “Frosty the Klansman”

  1. denis Says:

    I’m glad the neighbors spoke up against it.

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